Oct 05, 2022 7:30 AM
Mark Zhou & Ajit Johal
Immunize.io and Rotary's Polio Plus Campaign

Immunize.io's mission is to immunize the world against preventable diseases.  It starts with a 1-for-1 promise to donate 1 vaccine abroad for every vaccine they administer locally along with public education initiatives to promote immunization against preventable diseases.

Mark Zhou the Operations Manager of Immunize.io.  He is a pharmacist experienced in operations optimization, project management, change management, technology adoption and implementation in healthcare. He is passionate about increasing operational efficiencies in healthcare through workflow and digital transformation, as well as improving inter-professional collaboration between healthcare professionals.

Ajit Johal is the Clinical Director of Immunize.io.  He is most passionate about healthcare education, as he teaches at UBC within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science and is the voice and face behind immunize.io education webinars and media spotlights.