We had 10 members and 3 visitors today. 

Daniel Baraki, a 2018 King George Graduate who received one of our Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise Foundation scholarships visited us to report on his progress. He is starting his second year of his nursing degree program at McGill University and really enjoying his studies. 

We also had Ajit Johl visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur DiRaja in Malaysia visiting us. 



*On September 7, we need 6 club volunteers from 7:30-11:00 at Richmond Oval to work at the Pancake breakfast for our partnership with the Hoop-Law event. Please let Ron and Gary know if you can attend. 

* On September 14 at 10 am, there is a neighborhood a clean up in the Strathcona community. Meet up at 872 East Hastings, the Strathcona Community Policing office meet.  A BBQ with catering by the Butler Did it. Let Ron know if you can attend.

* Volunteers needed for the neighbourhood solid waste electronics recycling day at Barclay Manor, 10 am on Saturday October 5.


Rotary Moment:


Ron shared some history and stats about the Rotary Interact program. Founded in 1972 Rotary set up Interact in order to wanted to reach out to youth in high schools. The Vision of Interact is “to create better communities through future generations.” Today there are 20,372 Interact Clubs, with a total of 468,556 Interactors.  The name “Interact” means “international action.” 


Guest Speaker


Our Speaker today was Brad Gray, speaking about his bicycle trip from Cairo to Capetown last year. The trip was organized by TDA Global Cycling, and is their Tour d’Afrique, lasting 4 months, from January through May. 

The trip was 11,220 km, cycling 129 km/day for 88 days. A total of 50 riders were involved, with 40 completing the whole tour. The oldest was 72, the youngest was in their 30s.  Six months of preparation were involved, to prepare a touring bike, obtain vaccinations, and visas. The group camped along the way except a few nights where $10/hotels were available. Security escorts were mandatory through Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan. The tour had a bicycle mechanic to address repairs, doctor, photographer, cook, tour leaders and 10 staff in total from the company. There were two tour trucks for gear and supplies and the touring company donated bicycles to communities along the way. Brad had 6 flat tires on the trip, lots of inspiring challenges and was able to cross off one of his bucket-list items and bring back incredible pictures and memories, with some key highlights shared with us. [photo below]


Thought of the day:

"You will not become who you were meant to be until you let go of the mistakes and failures of the past"  - Leon Brown.