Posted on Jan 30, 2020
We had 12 members attending our meeting this week. 
* Important announcement and vote request. Please click on the link below to pick a date for a networking session with the UBC Rotaract club:
* The Hoopathon committee had their first meeting, welcoming 6 new members. The event will take place on May 9th.
* The Rotaract club of UBC will begin collecting items for care packages to be delivered to the Vancouver East side residents later this spring. Each carepack will include a simple positive message in a card or post it note. 

What goes into the Care Pack:

Granola Bar
Fruit Snack
Water Bottle 
Warm Socks
Life Savers/Sugar Free Gum
Hand lotion 
Resource List of Shelters and City Services.
Rotary Moment
Jonathan Evans told us about how he was able to make a connection between Saori Ogura, a recipient of a Global Grant from our club, and an  acquaintance of his at MIT. Talk about connections!
Guest Speakers
This week our guest speakers were Franco Gallo, member of the Vancouver Rotary club, and Roger Killen, founder of "Get Inspired Talks".
Our District has partnered with "Get Inspired Talks"to host an event on May 23rd 2020 called "Rotary Get Inspired Talks".
This is the result of an overall recruitment strategy to attract new members to Rotary and help clubs achieve their growth targets. The event, which is organized and run by "Get Inspired Talks" seeks to inspire attendees to take action and make the necessary changes to improve their lives and communities.
The values of both organizations are very aligned and the District believes that Clubs will greatly benefit from this partnership, from attracting new members to receiving sponsorship funds.
Find out more by visiting the official website:
Here is a video with Roger:
Thought of the Day
“Volunteers are unpaid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” – Anonymous