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Hoop-A-Thon 2022
Mark your Calendars…the 2022 Strathcona Rotary Youth Leadership Hoop-A-Thon will be on  Saturday, April 23…
…stay tuned for details!
Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise
Rotary Hoopathon

Thanks to all contributors for making our 2021 Project a success.

Together we raised over $44,000 for kids at risk
Watch our Program on You Tube:

Here are this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Recipients:
This year we awarded 10 students - the most ever - to receive Rotary Youth Leadership Hoop-A-Thon Scholarships: 
John D:  $6000: Post Secondary TBD
Kara Y: $6000: UBC Science
Alex T: $6000: VCC/BCIT: Automotive
Kevin W: $2500: U of T Math & Economics
Annie G: $2500:  U of T or UBC: Science
Lily H: $2000: Capilano/BCIT: Nursing
Sara K: $2000: SFU/UBC: Nursing
Rebecca Z: $2000: UBC Science
Talon N: $1,500: BCIT Plumbing
Kennedy Y: $1,500: UBC Science
In addition $4,500 was awarded to Girls Who LEAP (Lead Empower Act with Purpose) and $7500 was presented to Stratchona Community Centre Basketball
THANK YOU for your generous donations!
See you next year...
Welcome to The 2021 Strathcona ROTARY Youth Leadership 
Presented by Vancouver Rotary Clubs, Rotaractors & Interactors:

ROTARY Club of Vancouver Sunrise, ROTARY Club of Vancouver Yaletown, ROTARY Club of Vancouver, ROTARY Club of Vancouver Arbutus and ROTARY Club of Vancouver Mountainview. We are also supported by the Vancouver Young Professionals Rotaract Club and King George and Point Grey Interactors.

There are 1.2 Million Rotarians in the world. We believe in Service above Self.
HOOP-A-THON Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021 (9:00 am) 
We will be holding a safe, socially distanced event with only a few people participating, however the event will be available to our supporters via Zoom online.  
YOU ARE INVITED!  Join us on ZOOM. Here is your Link:

Make a DONATION NOW and receive an instant Tax Receipt: 
What’s a Hoop-A-Thon?
“We are shooting to make a difference for kids on and off the court.”

Watch Us on YouTube:
The Strathcona ROTARY Hoop-A-Thon is an annual basketball fundraising event that helps hundreds of kids in East Vancouver. This year we are inviting our supporters to stay safe and shoot hoops at home.  If you don’t have access to a basketball net – you can still play, on your patio, in your back yard, or in your living room.  Get a basket, a bucket or a garbage can: that’s your target basket. Then use crunched up paper, tennis balls, rolled-up socks  – whatever you can throw - and see how many baskets you can sink for the kids. 
Take a video and share it on Facebook Page & Instagram. You’ll have fun and help Rotary help the kids!
All of the funds raised will go to the kids! Including…

-Grade 12 Post Secondary Scholarships
-Strathcona Community Centre Basketball Program
-Youth Leadership Training in East Vancouver
Since 2006 ROTARY has raised over $417,000 - helping kids through education,
teamwork, leadership skills, community involvement and respect for others. 
Rotary has no overhead costs for this project…ALL the money you donate goes to the kids!
Media Sponsor:
Thanks to GLOBAL BC, News Anchor Chris Gailus & Meteorologist Yvonne Schalle
Watch Global BC News coverage of one of our pre-Covid Events:
Hoop-A-Thon Thanks Hoop-Law!
The Hoop-Law Tournament is a basketball tournament organized by downtown lawyers and UBC Law students that pits firm against firm, barristers versus solicitors.  Since Covid 19, the tournament has been on hold, however, Hoop-Law has made a generous donation to Rotary on behalf of their supporters! THANK YOU!
Since 1995 Hoop-Law has raised over $1 million for children in need who are living in our community.   For more:
Corporate Donors:
Hammerco Lawyers
How Can You Help us Help the Kids?
1. DONATE: We will gratefully accept donations and provide an instant tax receipt through our online partner, Charitable Impact 
2. SHOOT & SHARE:  Have Your Own - At Home - Hoop-A-Thon and share a short video on Facebook Page & Instagram:
3. SUPPORTHelp us get the word out… Like Us or share this link on Facebook and other  Social Media.
4. Join us on ZOOM…April 24/21: 9:00 am…YOU ARE INVITED!  
Here is your Link:
For more information: 
Gary Chomyn, Rotary Clubs of Vancouver 604.805.1256  
Who Do We Help?
All of the funds raised from The Strathcona Rotary Youth Leadership Hoop-A-Thon goes to the kids. Money is awarded in scholarships, the SCC Basketball Program and leadership training. 
Scholarships help individual students with their tuition and other costs for college and university. All of the students who receive funding have demonstrated their commitment to community service, youth leadership and volunteerism - and have a verified need for financial support due to family and individual circumstances.
On your behalf, Rotary donated to the Strathcona Basketball Program, for equipment. transportation and coaching.
2020 Rotary Scholarships were presented at a socially distanced meeting
In 2020 ROTARY awarded $35,000 in scholarships:
1. Jackie L.  $6,500
2. Anna L.  $5,000
3. Shemiah A. $5,000
4. Chloe L.  $5,000
5. Cassidy C.  $5,000
6. Deaunte N. $2,000
7. Laina P. $1,500
Girls Who LEAP:
Funds from last year’s event also supported Girls Who LEAP:
LEAD to EMPOWER & ACT with PURPOSE.  This is a registered non-profit volunteer-run society that provides leadership and mentorship opportunities for youth in the Downtown Eastside and Grandview Woodlands communities.
Make a Donation NOW - and you will receive an instant Tax Receipt! 
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