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In 2003-2004, the Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise was selected to pretest a new club organizational format called the "Club Leadership Plan."  Only a few clubs participated in this test and we represented the smaller clubs to determine whether and how this proposed format would work in clubs of our size.  We found that it worked very well and reported our comments to RI who subsequently decided to make the plan available to clubs worldwide.

This new format adds one Director to the club's board and rearranges the duties of several other Directors.  Now, instead of Directors for club, vocational, community and international service, we have the following positions (shown with the committees reporting to each Director):

Director of Membership:  Membership recruitment, membership retention, Rotary information, bulletin, social events.

Director of Public Relations: Media relations, website, district liaison.

Director of Club Administration: Programs, meeting place & arrangements, fundraising, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Director of Service Projects: Youth projects, community service, international service.

Director of The Rotary Foundation: Paul Harris Fellow selection, Benefactor program, club and individual contributions, Rotary Scholars, Group Study Exchange.

Another feature of the Club Leadership Plan is what corporations call succession planning.  Future club leaders start as committee members, progress to be committee chairs, then directors and perhaps secretaries, treasurers or presidents.  Each Director is encouraged to identify and train his or her replacement in order to provide continuity and strong leadership for the club's future.

Other Board members are the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Past-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These positions and their functions are unchanged under the new club organization structure.