On October 25th, we welcomed Jamie Kemp as our newest member and on November 29th she shared her remarkable career inspiring service-based learning.  The journey began in second year studies at McMaster University when Jamie's History professor invited her to explore a Medieval manuscript with the freedom to select her own curiosity-based approach. That moment sparked a lifelong journey in international research, teaching and leadership. 
Jamie has taught courses in numerous European universities and in the departments of Art History and Medieval Studies at the University of Victoria. She later served as Professor of Arts & Humanities and then Interim Chief Academic Officer at Quest University Canada in Squamish. Jamie returned to Victoria as Academic Dean and Senior Educational Administrator at Pacific Design Academy, and also joined the Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside. 
Today, Jamie serves as Chief Academic Officer at LaSalle College, Vancouver, where she provides the creative inspiration for service-based learning to 20,000 applied and liberal arts post-secondary students across 23 international schools. 
Fun facts - Jamie is a novice rower at the Vancouver Rowing Club and has a 16th-century Italian manuscript in the University of Victoria Library collection named in her honour - the Codex Kemp - pictured below.  Thank you Jamie for sharing your passion with us!