A Global Adventure from Backwoods to Boardrooms

There was no better way to launch September than with a classification talk on September 1st from one of our very own members, the talented Sarah Reppchen.  
Sarah shared her personal and professional journey with us - from her humble "hippie" origins in an off-the-grid cabin in Burns Lake, BC to her career in the high-rise banking "power centres" across the globe.  
With a heartfelt love of learning, she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as her accounting designation in Wiesbaden, Mannheim, and Frankfurt, Germany before launching her career during the midst of the 2008 financial services crisis.  Sarah's focus throughout her studies and career has been on the application and effectiveness of banking regulation and supervision by individual nations and across international borders.  
Throughout this journey, Sarah has also had the opportunity to enjoy her passion for travel, culture, and languages through her work with banks and regulators in some of the world's most glamorous and high-powered cities, including London, Singapore, and New York.  
Sarah's curiosity and passion for financial market oversight, integrity and service were very evident during her presentation, including the walk-through she provided of the Basel Framework for global regulatory compliance.  These same characteristics and values clearly also make her a natural Rotarian.
Thank you to Sarah for sharing her story and giving us a window into the complex, high-flying, and evolving world of financial services regulation.  What an adventure it has been, no doubt with even more to come!