This week we welcomed 9 members, we had no guests.
* Summer Heat is a program for Inner City Youth Grade7 and Grade 8 going thru that Transitional Stage in Life. Two of the leaders are Hauna in yellow and Cody with the Sushi on his head, both of them are hoopathon scholarship recipients!
*Our Day of the Dead fiesta is confirmed for October 27th at the Hellenic Centre. Tickets will be $75 per person.
Rotary Moment
Diana invited us to think of 5 features that make our club attractive for our members as well as potential members. This is the list we came up with:
  1. Focus on youth projects, such as RYLA, Hoopathon, scholarships and project amigo.
  2. Fun
  3. Good age balance in the membership
  4. Cool projects
  5. Serving since 1987
Guest Speaker
Today our guest speaker was our member Cam Scott, he presented his classification talk. He was born in Vancouver and went to school here.
These are some of the highlights of his talk:
* He graduated from Engineering from UBC in 1974.
* He lived in Australia for some time after graduating
* He met his wife in Edmonton where he was working
* Obtained his master's degree in geotechnical engineering in 1980
* Joined SRK in 1986 and he has been working there since.
* He is a charter member of our club!

Thought of the day:
"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill 
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