Posted on Aug 16, 2017

4 Way Test:

Alfredo led the group in the Four Way Test. Today we had 12 members present as well as 2 guests, Natalia Lysova and Bill Archer.

Rotary Moment:

Today we learned how Rotary International is governed:

Rotary International is governed by a board of directors composed of the international president, the president-elect, the general secretary, and 17 zone directors.

The chief operating officer of RI is the general secretary, who heads a staff of about 600 people working at the international headquarters in Evanston and in seven international offices around the world.

  • Whistler Get-Together remember the date of September 3 for the day at Whistler, biking or not, with lunch and a BBQ at Abigail and Jason’s house. Followup with Abigail for details.
  • From now on, the sign in sheet at the meetings will have a box where you can enter how many hours you have volunteered recently. This is a way to keep track of all the volunteering our members do and that may go unnoticed otherwise.
  • Don Kavanagh. Long time well-known Rotarian has passed away. There will be a Memorial next Wednesday at 1pm at Kearney Funeral Home. The address is 450 West 2nd Ave. in Vancouver.
Our guest speaker today was Bob de Wit, from the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association. The topic of his presentation was "Hot-button issues in the residential construction industry".
Some of the points of view he shared were:
  • Metro Vancouver Real Estate prices will continue to rise.
  • Annual housing starts are rising from 19K to 30K, but supply is still running way behind demand.
  • Some of the reasons for increased demand are: 
    • Population growth, immigration.
    • NIMBYISM ( not in my back yard) run amok.
    • Municipal processing times have gworn excessive.
    • Government fees and charges have escalated
    • Tariffs. Such as the ones for drywall and rebar.
    • Lumber supply disruptions due to forest fires.
    • Lack of capacity.
To learn more about what the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association does please visit:
Thought of the day:
"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights." - Smedley Butler
Next Speakers:
August 23 - Paola Murillo, Latincouver.
August 30 - Tom Smith, District Membership Chair.
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