Posted on Aug 23, 2017


4 Way Test:

Alfredo led the group in the Four Way Test. Today we had 14 members present as well as one visiting Rotarian, Mike Carter from the US.

Rotary Moment:

Today we learned about how one club in Philadelphia has created different types of membership to cater to members on different life stages and carreers. 
The Rotary Club of Philadelphia offers different levels of membership, including full, a la carte with "pay as you go" lunches, and a Happy Hour Club. The Happy Hour Club meets once a month for a happy hour meeting and once a month for a service project during the day.
  • Whistler Get-Together remember the date of September 3 for the day at Whistler, biking or not, with lunch and a BBQ at Abigail and Jason’s house. Followup with Abigail for details.
  • The Project Amigo Dia de Los Muertos dinner fundraiser will be on October 21st at the Helenic Centre. More details to follow.
Our guest speaker today was Paola Murillo, founder of Latincouver. In 2008 Paola Murillo and a group of friends felt there was a need for Latinos to feel more welcome in our City. A Latin plaza was in the works. The name “Latincouver” just sounded right, the perfect mix between Latinos and Vancouver.
We were welcomed within the Latin American communities in 2009 with a huge launch Party. Latincouver ”The Virtual Plaza in BC” was officially born. We presented our 1st Carnaval del Sol in Vancouver at the Hellenic Community.
They currently run 5 programs:
The Carnaval del Sol had 120K visitors this summer. Latincouver received the proclamation for the “Latin American Week” from the Province of B.C. and work along with the City of Vancouver to promote a multicultural scene.
Read more about this organization on their website:
Thought of the day:
"Roots are not in landscape or a country, or a people, they are inside you." - Isabel Allende
Next Speakers:
August 30 - Tom Smith, District Membership Chair.
September 6 - Bob Blacker, Education and Literacy.
Septermber 13 - Business Meeting.