This week we welcomed 12 members and Sheila's guest, Kathy Chou.
* Rotary Leadership Institute courses deadline is August 31. Rotary Leadership Institute is one of the ways our Rotarians can learn more about the world of Rotary and enjoy some fellowship along the way. These facilitated session are very interactive and enjoyable.  Register online:
*Our Day of the Dead fiesta is confirmed for October 27th at the Hellenic Centre. Tickets will be $75 per person.
Rotary Moment
August is Membership month and today Diana asked us to consider WHO our members are and who might be prospective members for our Club to meet Ron’s membership goal of growing to 30 members. As a breakfast club, we might appeal more to “morning people”, retirees, people who don’t have a lunch break or who have to get home right after work for child pick-up or evening commitments.
But we shouldn’t rule out non-morning people either, who might be able to attend with a little peer support and encouragement for ride sharing or reminders. As a downtown club, we might appeal to people working in the area, maybe people coming to the rec centre on Wednesdays for child care or programs, using the Evo or other ride sharing in the rec centre parking, or businesses in the Coal Harbour area or the West End.
Most of all we will appeal to people who value community service and have the time to commit to at least one of our projects and to the social activities. We will appeal to people who see us in action in the community at Strathcona or hear about our work with youth in Project Amigo, RYLA and King George Interact, which makes it important to show up and get the word out. 
Business Meeting
Our club Board met yesterday and here are a few highlights:
Everyone to invite guests and work on helping to engage good speakers please.
Ron, Gary and Ted to set up meeting with Van City about a corporate membership to have local branch managers or other reps attend our club.
Financial - Treasurer’s report
Ted reported we are in good shape, ended 2017-2018 in a slight surplus position. Invoices for dues will be going out shortly - payment due within 30 days please.
Abigail, Emma and Matthew had a great time teaching swimming at Project Amigo. For many kids, it was their first time ever being in the water, other than local streams which can be dangerous during flooding. More details to follow at a future meeting we hope!
Gary thanked everyone for their support with a successful Hoop-a-thon this year which increased our fundraising by 20% for a total of $23,429 thanks to our partnership with other clubs. Ron noted that the Strathcona kids raised an additional $10,000. Refer to Gary’s email for more details.
John declared his objective to increase the Rotary Sunrise Foundation fund by $25K-$30K in the next two years through member contributions with he and Marni kicking off the effort this year. The funds can be used to increase our scholarships which have not increased in amount since the fund was established 25 years ago, and to provide greater support to youth programs such as RYLA and other work we do. More to follow on this and our scholarship and bursary program funds with SFU which require our attention to ensure we are meeting our objectives through the university’s administration of the funding.
2018-2019 Presidential Priorities:
Please provide Ron with feedback on his proposed goals for 2018-2019 and he will formally present them at a September club meeting - see summary below:
Great Vibrant Meetings:
  • Rotary Moment
  • Continue with a Great Speakers Program
  • Members invite friends and family to come to meetings
  • Have an amazing greeter
  • Sergeant at Arms/ Announcements
  • Birthday Celebrations

Membership 30 Members by 2019:
  • each member in their vocation or network to actively recruit “Bring a Friend to Meeting Day”
  • a family membership fee thought about this at Changeover seeing all the spouses
  • Member/Friend/Family Get-together Events ie Day at the Races, Fireworks, Christmas
  • membership subsidies look at ways we can make being a Rotarian affordable the Member can payback by taking a more active role in Service
  • membership attendance provide opportunities for members who cannot make meetings to be active in committees and service instead
  • recruitment meeting with Downtown Business Association and other organizations
  • each member has a crew talk with their vocation as part of membership drive maybe can invite another club member to help
  • meet individually with each member for their thoughts and feedback about club find out what they are passionate about

Fundraising for Club Activities:
  • Rotary Raffle
  • Pub Socials
  • Day at the Races
  • Grants Gaming
  • and Aviva
  • King George Interacts, Britannia Interacts, Langara Rotaract
  • Meet with Administration and School Sponsor
  • Club presence on recruitment Days club presence at meetings
  • Host our own Vancouver Interact Conference on a Pro-D Day
  • Fundraiser to support Youth programs 50/50 draw Project Amigo Raffle for RYLA
Local Projects :
  • Hoopathon and Salvation Army Foot Program

International Projects:
  • Project Amigo
  • Brands Across Canada
Service Events:
  • At least one a month Recycling Solid Waste Disposal
  • Salvation Army Toy Mountain
  • Neighbourhood Cleanup
  • Pancake Breakfast.
  • Revisit West Ends Seniors Lunch 
Promote Rotary:
  • Pride Parade Participation
  • Club Days at Schools and Post Secondary Institutions
  • Community Festivals/Rotary Tent/ Rotary Sign to have at all events
  • Bookmarks  
  • Buttons to hand out 
  • Service Events 

Thought of the day:
“To handle yourself use your head, to handle others use your heart. “Eleanor Roosevelt.
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