Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise

February 26, 2014

Prepared by Larry Belsito

ATTENDANCE-  Matthew graced us with his remarkable memory again with the Four Way Test, even though acting President Sheila removed the banner so he could not read it. I wonder how many of us could do that. Definitely not me after 25 years.  We had 14 members present today, and visiting Rotarian from Vancouver Centennial, Allen Lin. He joined in November and will be the incoming Secretary in July. Their club is bilingual, Mandarin and English, and is working on various projects involving Irrigation and Water Filters around the globe. Also present was our Exchange Student , Luisa who had a very busy week, including a dinner with Eduardo and his family, snowshoeing with Susan, a meeting with the Principal of her school, congratulating her on being accepted to RYLA. Also we heard that the school has approved an Interact Club.

ROTARY MOMENT- John explained again about Foundation, and the pledge to be a sustainable member by donating $100 per year . In October, the Klump Society honoured Chris and Penny for their contributions amount to about 250,000 dollars.


-Gary back after 3 weeks in Palm Springs. Surprised on his birthday last month when his wife flew in their daughter to celebrate with them.

-Cleo-  26 years ago ready to have the birth of her son.

-John- expects to lose 5 pounds when he gets his hair cut today

-Larry mentioned that Tania will soon move from the walker to the Nordic Poles. ( but not on the ski hills.)

- Die Hard fans, Matthew and Naomi, and Cam were some of the ones up at 4 AM, but their cheering worked.

-  A lot of happy members today.

OUR SPEAKER - Valerie Saunier

Valerie started in sharing her philosophy about living in the present moment because it is what we are doing now which is the most important !  She is a therapist in Cristotherapy to help people with various kinds of disease,  also people who are tired, stressed, feeling depressive or having a muscle dysfunction. She showed us a picture of her special machine which comes from Brazil. She has also a company with her husband to create a light ambiance and promote their company name at big events. She is also a Certified Yoga teacher.

In the past, she grew up in Paris and studied in tourism and International Trade. Her parents had their own company so she learned a lot from them. She was an Air Hostess and worked for Air France at Roissy Airport and she left to go to the Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) where she lived with her husband for 8 years. There, she had two lovely daughters, Éléa and Célia and was also a French Teacher as a second language. In 2001, she moved to Montreal and stayed 11 years as a Yoga teacher before her coming to Vancouver in 2011. About the future, no one knows...

She ended her presentation by emphasizing to listen to our heart and not our mind ! Her goal is "Be the Change you want to see in the World" from Gandhi.