It was a cold morning, but it was cozy since we all gather in one of the small meeting rooms.  We had one visiting Rotarians: Roger Wong from Chinatown Club; Leanne Denis , guest of the speaker Daniel Goldwitz, and of our Exchange student Luisa de Godoy from Brazil.


Luisa told us about her winter break and about her new homestay Family: Lawrence and Bev. They went to Victoria to spend the weekend, and sounds like they had a great time. Luisa was excited to tell us about their whale watching tour and all sort of activities they had while in Victoria.  They were lucky to see a killer whale. Next weekend Luis is going to Whistler to have an orientation with other exchange student. Good luck Luisa, it is going to be fun!


Roger Wong, from the Chinatown Rotary Club told us about the Gala “Be My Valentine” dinner his club is organizing for February 14th.  This Gala is a unique Exhibition, Dinner and Show Event, is pure entertainment, with Chinese culture as background. It is going to be a feast of traditional 12 courses Chinese New Year cuisine, and a performance by UBC Chinese Music Ensemble and Singers in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Floata Chinese Seafood Restaurant, 3rd Flr , 180 Keefer Street Vancouver. Reception : 5:30 PM   Dinner 7 :00PM      ticket :   $80/each


Rotary Moment:


This time Milie gave us a Rotary Moment of her visit to La France, oh-la-la specifically to her visit to Paris for 2 weeks. She had the opportunity to visit one of the Rotary Clubs in Champs Elysees at one of the most expensive restaurants. Food must have been very good! The topic of that night was interesting: How to keep yourself healthy until you reach old age. A surgeon that did some of his studies in Vancouver presented the topic. Isn’t this a small world?




Abigail reminded us about our Valentines silent auction. For people that are not familiar with this auction, every member of the club brings an auction item to contribute to the club. It could be anything you like, such a picture, a scarf, a bottle of wine or anything that comes to your mind. Be creative.


Today’s program:


Cam introduced this week’s speaker: Dr. PhD Daniel Goldwitz.


Dr. Goldwitz gave us a great presentation, titled “Insuring Better Brain”.

“Dr. Goldowitz studies how genetic signals involved in the early development of the nervous system can cause neurodegenerative disease and brain disorders in children and adults. By understanding how the brain develops and is built, he will also be able understand how brain disorders develop.

A major focus of his work is the application of molecular and bioinformatic technologies to study the entire gene regulatory network of the cerebellum, which is an area of the brain that is linked to autism, schizophrenia, mental retardation, and other brain disorders”