Today's bulletin covers our last 2 meetings. We had a visiting Rotarian from Hong Kong. Dr Kenneth Siu, who is visiting Vancouver to support a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital.


* We are going to be having a Luminosity event in April. We will be visiting Mary Kato's ESL school for a meal and to chat with her students. Diana is organizing and will be sending out an evite in the next few days.

* Our Rotary district has a number of training sessions coming up this year, please visit the official website to learn more:

* Save the date! Our Hoopathon this year will be on April 27. 


Rotary Moment

Frances will be doing the Rotary moment this month. In 2005 The Salvation Army and the Rotary ShelterBox programme partnered to assist families in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Chile and the Caribbean. 

At any given time there are over 2,000 sponsored ShelterBoxes held in storage in Cornwall, ready for immediate despatch. When disaster strikes, boxes are immediately shipped from the ShelterBox warehouse in Helston, Cornwall, to wherever there is a need. Partners, such as The Salvation Army, receive the boxes and work with the local community to distribute them to those most in need, helping with their installation and providing additional care and practical support.


Guest Speaker

On Febuary 13th we held our monthly business meeting and on the 20th we had our Valentine's Day auction. Thank you to all the members who donated to the auction and congratulations to all the auction winners!


Thought of the day:

Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders - Tom Peters

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