The doorbells rang on Saturday evening, just before dinnertime, and no one knew who would be on the other side of the door. Time for Guess Who's Coming For Dinner -- an annual social event of the Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise. At three member homes, the guests and hosts were all wondering who would be together for dinner that evening.

In all, about 20 club members, spouses and guests participated on October 19. Everyone brought something to share as part of the meal, some wines were opened, and everyone enjoyed a relaxed dinner with interesting company. A great chance to get to know members and their families better. Here's what the scene looked like at new member Jose Riga's home.


Valerie and Pascal Saunier and Bev and Lawrence Bicknell were the other hosts. The event was organized by Ann-Shirley Goodell and Abigail Turner. Always a popular favourite evening.