At long last, we returned to our Club's home base meeting location at the Coal Harbour Community Centre (CHCC) on January 11th. Why do we love it so much? Here are just a few of the reasons:
  • The best waterfront view in downtown Vancouver, bar none! 
  • With meetings that run from 7:30 to 8:30am, street parking is free prior to 9am at nearby metered spots along West Hastings, Broughton, Jervis and Cordova Streets. 
  • Lung fulls of fresh sea air on your way to and from our weekly Rotary meeting.
  • Come-as-you-are dress code. Shorts, yoga pants or a suit and tie are all welcome! 
  • Free wifi access - see for instructions.
  • Provides a stunning and welcoming destination for visitors to our beautiful city!
Given the new school construction taking place immediately south of the CHCC, access to our waterfront meeting room is via the alternative entrance marked by the Vancouver Sunrise sandwich board sign.  You can’t miss it as you walk along the sea wall.  See you soon!