Today we celebrated our clubs 30th anniversary. We had a full house with many former members in attendance as well as guests such as: Davinder Grewal, our ADG. Ana Fernandez our financial guru, David Pasin from the West End community centre association. John Bathurst president of the Rotary club of Vancouver, our sponsor. Lokton Au, president of the King George Interact and many other guests.


Since today we had a party, there is not a whole lot to report other than sharing some pics from the event:


You can see all the pictures in this album:


The thought of the Day: 

Rotary vision: Observance of the Golden Rule of service — Real Happiness Is Helping Others

“The search for individual joy, satisfaction, and happiness is universal, and I strongly believe it is a goal that can best be fulfilled by helping others....Some of the most rewarding moments in our lives occur when we are helping, serving, and caring for others.”

— A Chat with President Cliff, THE ROTARIAN, August 1992

Next 2 Speakers:
Jan 25 - Robbie Burns Day
Feb 1 - Jason Bowman - BC Ferries
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