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At this Wednesday's meeting, we had 17 members present. Tania Belsito was our guest.


Rotary Moment:

Today we skipped the Rotary moment so we could have more time for the Canada 150 presentation.

  • 2017 Hoop-A-Thon: FINAL Call for donations!  If you have not made your donation, please do asap, so we can finalize this year’s totals and deliver on our commitment to Strathcona kids.  You can go on line and receive an instant tax receipt:
  • Rotary Day at the Races. This year the event will take place on Sunday, August 13. Sheila has tentatively booked the afternoon for us, including reserving the family area so that kids came come and enjoy the event and the buffet. Sheila needs to know who might attend. Please let her know as soon as possible so that we can confirm with the racecourse.
  • Our changeover brunch will be June 25th at Patron Tacos Cantina at 11 am. $35 per person.
  • Rotary Club of Vancouver Bike-A-Thon - July 9 - Seeking Volunteers.
Meeting -   Today Larry Belsito put together a very fun presentation about Canada's 150th birthday. The presentation included videos and quizzes.
The winners of the quizzes on Wednesday were:
Ted was the winner of the best dressed in red and white- One lotto Max ticket

Diana was the winner of the Canadian Inventions with 11 correct answers One Lotto Max ticket

Cam was the winner of the Multiple choices with 9 correct answers  3 Gold Rush Scratchit tickets

Cleo was second with 8 correct answers   2 Gold Rush scratchit tickets

There was a tie for third place with 7 correct answers One Gold rush ticket each Michael, Carlos and Ted
These are some Canadian inventions:
  1. Peanut butter
  2. Insulin
  3. Java programming language
  4. Canadarm
  5. Basketball
  6. Snowmobile
  7. Standard time
  8. Electric wheelchair
  9. Electron microscope
  10. Poutine of course!
These are the videos we watched:
Pics from our meeting today:
Thought of the day:
The beauty of the trees,
the softness of the air,
the fragrance of the grass,
speaks to me.
The summit of the mountain,
the thunder of the sky,
the rhythm of the sea,
speaks to me.
The faintness of the stars,
the freshness of the morning,
the dew drop on the flower,
speaks to me.
The strength of fire,
the taste of salmon,
the trail of the sun,
And the life that never goes away,
They speak to me.
And my heart soars

Chief Dan George
Next Speakers:
There will be no meeting on Wednesday, June 28.
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