At last Wednesday's meeting we had 13 Members and Two Guests-Michael Alty for the last time as a guest and Jane Mitchell, a guest of Sheila Anderson.

Can Scott recited the 4 way test.
Rotary Moment:
Bill S. with reminisces from his former Club (Rotary Casino Nights). Michael Alty will present the Rotary moments in April.

1) Seniors Christmas Luncheon. Matt has checked out our present location and the West End Rec Centre, and they are not suitable. Alfredo has mentioned that the Round House Rec Centre in Yaletown might be an option. Further investigation will be done. We would be responsible for food for the event . ( probably about 200 seniors)
2) Guess Who is Coming for Dinner- On this Saturday at the locations advised to each member attending. 6 PM    Have a great time.
3) RYLA is taking place on March 26 in the Sunshine Coast. This event is open to Rotarians as well.
4) Hoop a Thon-  Gary is finalizing an arrangement with a local TV network to be announced when it is final, for inclusive coverage, and media coverage of the Hoop-a-thon. More on this when the arrangements are finalized. There will be a meeting on March 22 at 5 PM at Strathcona who those interested in being there. 
Induction to Our Club -   President Cleo presented our newest member, Michael Alty to the club. Everyone congratulated him personally on becoming a  part of our family. Welcome to Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise, Michael.  Start working on your classification talk to the club  to be presented at some stage in the near future. 
Discussion on our meeting formats 

    Some of the Objectives: 
  • Hands on projects       - Team building
  • Learning, Education     -Mentoring
  • Good will                       -Fun
  • Peace                              -Retention
  • Service
  • Fundraising

     Some of the Activities

    - Interact-                                            -  Abigail
   - Pub Night                                           - Bill
   - Meeting at Strathcona Breakfast   - Diana
   - Fireside Chats                                    - Sheila
   - Bike Rides and Runs Seawall           - Cam
   - Container Loading ( World Help)  - Lawrence

Other Suggestions- Movie nights,Day at the Races, Community Days, Popcorn sales,
                                   Theatre Under the Stars, Cleanup projects, Olive Oil Lecture, Scotch or Wine Tastings

Next Week Speaker - Regarding Organ Transplants and a survival’s story
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