This week we welcomed 14 members, we had no guests this time.
Rotary Moment:
James Fox brought us the Rotary moment today, he spoke about Rotaracts 50th anniversary, which is this year. 50 years ago, the first Rotaract club was formed to give young adults a place to connect and take action for good. The Richmond Rotaract has been active for 35 years and is the oldest in our district.
* The Hoopathon took place last Saturday and it was a success, this is a recap of the achievements:
- Thanks to our partners at Vancouver and Yaletown Clubs and all who attended, gathered pledges and donations. We presented 5 student scholarships totalling $15,000 - our largest donation to date!

- Our Club had 3 Teams shooting hoops. The results were: FIRST: Team Fox 33: Peter F (10), James F (12), Diana (7), Adriana (4); SECOND: Team Matthew 27: Matt (7); John (3) Tatyana (5) Wil Gailus (2) Mateo (10); THIRD: Team Ron 11; Ron (2); Tina (1); Carlos (6); Peter B (2)

-GLOBAL BC: Chris Gailus(16 baskets) & Yvonne Schalle (10 baskets) Total: 26.  If you made a pledge please pay online now. Go to CHIMP:

-We are on track for our BEST ever fund raising campaign for the kids.  Please follow up with your contacts!  We hope to have a summary at our next meeting.
* 2019 Rotary Peace Fellowship. Applications are due to the district by May 31st.
* Register for the District Conference. All the details can be found here: Our club is sponsoring 3 Interactors to attend the conference.
* On May 12th the Rotaractors are having an event  Celebrating 50 years of Rotaractors doing good in the world in partnership with Rotary! Get your tickets here:
Meeting Program: Today our guest speakers were Dawn McKenna and Jack McGee' from the Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN). The (PAFN) is a centre of excellence and network of supports for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families across the province. The PAFN’s core purpose is to be a Knowledge Centre: Bringing together state of the art resources for research, information, learning, assessment, treatment and support; and building capacity to address the lifespan needs of individuals with ASD and related disorders.
They provided us with some stats:
  • 9K children in BC are currently diagnosed with ASD.
  • 69K people in our provice are in the spectrum.
  • The care costs for people with ASD is $5-8M during their lifetimes. Care is not covered under MSP.
  • 1 in 66 Canadian children have some form of ASD.

Thought of the day:
“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” ― Pablo Neruda

Next Speakers:
9-MayBusiness Meeting  
16-May Ted MacCormacLife Saving - Yellow Tubes and AED's
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