4 Way Test:
Ron Suzuki was the acting president today; he led the group in the Four-Way Test. We had 13 members present and one guest, Adriana Adame.
Rotary Moment:
Our Rotary Moment today was done by John Haley, he brought a collection of crafts and jewelry that he acquired in his trip to Africa, we all got to admire the beauty and artistry displayed by the crafts.
* Our Christmas party will be on Dec 9th, RSVP by December 3rd!
* On Saturday, December 9th from 9:00 AM to noon there will be a membership workshop entitled Priority #1 Plus. Sing up here:
* There will not be a meeting on December 27th, that is the only canceled meeting this month.
* The Hoopathon will take place on April 28th, 2018, the first planning meeting took place this week.
Guest Speaker:
Our guest speaker today was Laura Track. Laura is a lawyer in CLAS’s Human Rights Clinic. She advocates on behalf of people who have experienced discrimination and assists complainants to navigate BC’s human rights process. Laura also has a strong interest in making legal knowledge accessible, since the first step in defending our human rights is to know what they are.
She delivers workshops and presentations to a wide variety of audiences to inform and empower people to exercise their human rights.

Prior to joining CLAS, Laura worked with several other legal non-profits in Vancouver, learning much along the way about the law’s potential to advance equality and social justice. She is on the Advisory Committee of the Rise Women's Legal Centre and a volunteer yoga teacher and Board Chair of Yoga Outreach, a charity providing free yoga classes to disadvantaged communities.

The topic of her presentation was "Marijuana legalization and human rights".
Here are a few highlights of her presentation:
* Bill C 45 will make Marijuana legal by July 2018.
* Canadians 18 or older will be able to legally possess up to 30 grams and four plants of Marijuana for recreational use.
* Employers will likely treat Marijuana use like alcohol, not allowed during work hours.
* One of the challenges presented by the legalization is that there are no reliable tests for impairment due to marijuana use.

Thought of the day:
Dr. Seuss — 'You are you. Now, isn't that pleasant?'

Next Speakers:
Dec 6    - Tina Parbhakar, Uganda - child rights
Dec 13 - Business meeting. Club's AGM and Foundation.
Dec 20 - Salvation Army, Christmas theme.