This week we welcomed 9 members, our ADG John Bathurst as well as Interactors Alison and Una.




* Our ADG John Bathurst presented us the city of Vancouver's proclamation for Polio day.

* We are invited to the "Hope in the City" breakfast Wednesday, December 5 @ 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. More info here:


Rotary Moment

Interactors Alison and Una told us about their successful bake sale, all proceeds went to Polio plus



Guest Speaker

Today was our guest speaker was Jane Browning who spoke on the topic "Strengthening communities through physical activity".

The YMCA, in partnership with organizations across BC, has developed Mind Fit a physical and mental wellness program for teens aged 13-19 experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of depression and/ or anxiety in BC. The program is designed to support teens in learning how to incorporate physical activity into their mental wellness plan.
During the program, a group of 10-12 teens meets at the YMCA for 8-weeks to discuss healthy coping strategies and to try new physical activities.

Thought of the day:

Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders. - Tom Peters

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