Mark Zhou and Ajit Johal joined us on October 5th to tell us about their work as creators and drivers of, a local not-for-profit organization that works with local and international pharmacists, community groups and health organizations to promote access and availability to approved vaccines - including support for the global polio immunization campaign.

Ajit is the Clinical Director of  He teaches at UBC within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science and is the voice and face behind's education webinars and media spotlights. Co-founder Mark is Operations Manager, and also a pharmacist who applies his experience in operations optimization, project management, technology adoption and implementation. 

Their mission is to immunize the world against preventable diseases by promoting community access and collaboration between healthcare professionals.  Their commitment starts with a 1-for-1 promise to donate one vaccine abroad for every vaccine they administer locally.

Thank you for the amazing work Ajit and Mark!