May Day is celebrated in some European and other countries as a socialist workers' day. In North America, we celebrate the limerick we all learned at school:
          "Hooray, hooray, it's the first of May;
           Outdoor lovin' begins today!"
No comment.

Our announced agenda for today's Rotary meeting frightened 20 members into showing up, including Adriana Lopez who has been on leave of absence. Good to see you, Adriana. Also with us were prospective members Milie Taing and Steve McGrandle, plus Tom Smith, our Assistant Governor.

Rotary moment

AG Tom announced the start of a speakers' bureau which he will manage, to share good speakers among the 7 Vancouver clubs. He suggests that speakers promoting a cause (i.e., looking for funding) be vetted by our service projects committee before deciding whether or not to invite them.

Club news

Hoop-a-Thon planning is well underway, in anticipation of this important June 15 event. Time to get pledges, corporate sponsors and other donors lined up.

President Julie Mantle announced that the June 19 breakfast meeting has been rescheduled to our changeover dinner on Friday, June 21, at Matthew Lynam's hotel. Let him know whether or not you will attend.

Check the club website for bio information on Luisa Firori de Godoy, our inbound Youth Exchange student. Police record checks will be needed for all members and host families, so see your local police to get the paperwork underway. Larry Belsito says he was pleased to get a clean report, as his transgressions were committed overseas and escaped notice.

Today's program

Cam Scott and John Haley were our auctioneers for a fun-filled auction of the NHL hockey teams competing for this year's Stanley Cup. Bidding was fast and furious, as usual, with any ear-scratching or other random movement interpreted as a high bid. Some of the most aggressive bidders weren't even in the room. These included Abigail Turner (always an enthusiastic fan of all the teams), Eduardo de Santiago (who seemed to like all the teams with Spanish-sounding names), Lori Pobuto and Banu Tulumen (who both joined consortia of ladies with very deep pockets to overpower the men bidding against them). And former member Ted MacCormac was an active and aggressive absentee bidder, as he often is.

When the smoke cleared, Larry calculated that the bids totaled $1,515. This will be distributed 35% for the Stanley Cup winning team, 15% for the runner-up and 10% for GUMBY teams (any team that loses 4 games in a row). The remaining 40% goes to the club for the president's shopping sprees and other operating expenses. Those who were successful bidders are asked to pay the Treasurer now, before we all forget.


After the meeting, we held an informal auction of a red cell phone that someone left behind. The owner will get to buy the wine at the changeover dinner.

Ann-Shirley and I will be cycling in France for the next month, so Eduardo has agreed to do the bulletins. Next Wednesday's club meeting will be held at the Hotel d'Orsay in Toulouse, France. See you there, oui?