No one will be surprised to learn that I didn't get it right the first time. Here's the rest of Larry Belsito's bulletin notes from Wednesday's meeting. Thanks, Larry.


Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise

         Meeting August 14, 2013



We had 15 members present, and one guest, Tina Parbhakar, who was a member on the island and has now moved to Vancouver, and is looking for a club to join. Tina is a lawyer for the BC Government. We hope that she has enjoyed the visit to our club today.

Cleopatra started off the meeting with the Four Way Test.



Carlos referred to the polio information that Ann Shirley sent out yesterday. The numbers are good for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria (67 cases left) but unfortunately, two new countries have appeared, Somalia with 100 cases and Kenya with 10. The Gates Foundation will match Two to One, up to $35 million per year, every dollar that Rotary commits to Polio Eradication until 2018.



Our Exchange Student Luisa has arrived and is off to Burns Lake with other Exchange Students. We will meet her on Thursday at Abigail’s House on the 23rd at 6 PM.  We are also celebrating her 17th birthday. Luisa’s mother was an Exchange Student 25 years ago.


We received a nice letter from Fumihiro Ozawa and his wife Hiromi who visited us last week. He was an Ambassadorial Student who visited with us 15 years ago. They enjoyed meeting some of the members who were present at that time.

Chinatown Club is doing a Walk for Kidney Foundation on the 25th between 10-12 Noon. Ann Shirley and Luisa are attended and would love more company. ( No cost)

IMPORTANT-Remember that there will be no meeting on August 28 due to the barbecue.



Five members commented on the great New Members meeting hosted by Robert and Ann Shirley at their house.  Abigail was mentioned as one of the great lawyers in Vancouver on an awards list. Bill commiserated that his 34-year-old son was back at home but AWOL for a few days (a good sign).  Susan is off to the Okanagan for a change of scenery. 

Don’t forget that Ann-Shirley is singing with another 175 singers at St Andrew- Wesley on August 17th at 7 PM doing the Verdi Requiem (Cost $15.00 if purchased from Ann Shirley, or $20.00 at the door)   Great concert.


SPEAKER-  Jose Riga Part Two



Rotary is the door to friendship. Let us throw it open to every people.  (Rotary Founder Paul Harris in The Rotarian, July 1922.)