Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise

                            March 19,2014 Meeting


   Tina started the meeting with the Four Way Test, and was applauded with great enthusiasm.  There were 18 members present as well as our Speaker, David Clark-Wilson and his assistant, Bram. Larry was the stand-in emcee today.


Rotary Moment-

    Diana did a brief Rotary moment, actually maybe 50 seconds, talking about several celebrities and their involvement with Rotary.



    We are sorry to announce that Ann-Shirley and Rob Goodell for personal reasons, have resigned from the Club. Our thanks go out to them for their Rotary service  (14 years in our club) and wish them well for the future.

      A reminder from Gary that the Hoopathon is scheduled for June 14, then a second reminder that it will be on June 14, and maybe even a third. Lost count.


Sargent at Arms-

     Jose took on the chore of collecting mostly happy bucks today.

   Julie is nice and tanned from her trip to Mexico.

   Lawrence mentioned that the school confirmed that Luisa can attain her Grade 12 certificate here. Luisa has had a girlfriend from Brazil here for a week. Party time at the Bicknells.

    Milie unfortunately was hit on her bike by another bicyclist this morning, shaken up, but no injury to her or her bike.

    Diana mentioned that she has changed positions at Hydro. Her new role is leading the developing of an integrated Safety, Health and Environment Management System at BC Hydro.   Congratulations Diana from all of us.

     Abigail and family heading to Whistler for four days. Have FUN.

    Larry and Tania spent two days at the Bear Mountain Resort in outer Victoria . Great celebration of her birthday.

   Tina brought this message back to the club….

Shanti Uganda is having a warehouse sale (50-75%) of handmade bags & jewelry in Chinatown this weekend. All proceeds go directly to improving maternal and child health and well-being, such as supporting the women who make these great items! See: for details.




   David Clark-Wilson has been fascinated with energy for his entire life from the age of four. He is amazed that in the 50 years since, no one has developed affordable technology to store the sun’s heat and energy for efficient use. He was born in London England and has a B.Sc in Mathematics. In December 2011, David formed the company HighNet Energy Inc which stands for Human Ingenuity and Gaia in Harmony with New Energy Technology.

   Basically the Led Bright light bulb wins in all categories. It has the longest life, coolest bulb, most lumens per Watt, cheapest electricity, safest bulb and lowest wattage.

   His book, named Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet, The Light Bulb Games  was available to our group and he has plans for another 11 books in the series.

   It was a very Illuminating subject, presenting it so that all could understand.



Thought for the Day


     Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.    Mahatma Gandhi