Posted on Jan 08, 2020
We had 14 members attending our meeting this week. Our speaker was our member Diana, presenting the results of her survey regarding our club's operations.
* The Hoopathon 2020 will be on May 9th. The next meeting for the event will be in late January, stay tuned!
Rotary Moment
This week we skipped the Rotary Moment so we could have more time for the discussions regarding our club's operations.
Guest Speakers
This week our guest speaker was our member Diana, who just completed a brilliant research project on how to improve our club.
Some of the quick wins for implementation are:
 1. Consistent, gracious acknowledgement of speakers
2. Members to provide Speaker team with names
3. Straighten up the banners and signs on display
4. Duplicate the sign for the Seawall
5. Create a make-up card
6. Consolidate emails into the Bulletin whenever possible
For other improvement discussions, there are now 3 small teams that are analyzing and pondering other improvements and changes to our club:
 Team 1: Food and Meeting Costs, including:

– Potluck menu variety
– Food opt-out (e.g. coffee only) option, no charge to guests, with or without subsidies, etc.
– Reducing to 3 meetings/month
– Links to new membership categories or options (e.g. tiered fee structure)

2. Team 2: Greeter Approach / Roster

3. Team 3: Meeting Schedule / Frequency and Alternative Format
A pdf file with the slideshow of the presentation can be found here: Rotary meeting feedback
Thought of the Day
Confucius — 'Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.'