Today we welcomed 11 members.




* Please try to attend the meeting on July 17th,  our guest speaker will be Dean Rohrs, past VP of RI and former member of our club.

* Diana provided us with a very detailed activity calendar for the next year.

* We have been offered volunteer opportunities at Repair Cafe Vancouver. Repair Cafés are community gatherings where fixer volunteers help visitors repair their broken household items. Open to the public free of charge, Repair Cafes aim to reduce waste, fix the throw-away culture, share repair knowledge and create a better community.


At a typical Repair Cafe, you can expect to see fixing stations for Electronics, Small Appliances, Textile, Jewelry, Woodwork, and Bikes. Having Port Coquitlam Rotary Club members joining their local Repair Cafe, I'd like to invite Vancouver Sunrise Rotary Club to join us - Repair Cafe Vancouver is set to launch on Aug 24 at Hillcrest Centre, with more monthly events to come. 


Rotary Moment:


Lorrie brought us the Rotary moment today:

“There is nothing intangible about Rotary: It is reality itself. To give is to receive; to lose oneself is to find oneself; to be happy is to serve. These are old truths…for the individual…and the mass, whether application be in the exchange of goods, toil, knowledge, or love.” — The Meaning of Rotary, THE ROTARIAN, November 1921 as written by Crawford C. McCullough, Rotary Club of Fort William, Ontario.


Guest Speaker


This week our guest speaker was Mike McLellan, his talk was about the Deltaport Berth 4 Proposal.

Vancouver is now a top-50 global container port, and it wants to move higher up that top-50 list. Geography and goods moving efficiency are on its side. But the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) knows a capacity limitation is in the horizon.
Competition for transpacific goods movement is accelerating, not only at Seattle--Tacoma, Los Angeles-Long Beach and other major West Coast North American ports but also along the continent’s Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard.
Global Container Terminals (GCT), Canada’s largest container terminal operator and its largest maritime employer, wants to expand GCT Deltaport.
Deltaport Berth 4 would add roughly two million TEUs to the annual capacity of 2.4 million TEUs at GCT’s Roberts Bank terminal.

Thought of the day:

Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.” ― Jack Canfield