Filmmaker Allison MacLean gave an interview on Delta TV about her documentary Burkas to Bullets. She will be speaking in Whiterock on Feb. 18. 

You may recall that Alison MacLean, documentary filmmaker and producer of Burkas to Bullets, spoke to our club in December about her most recent trip to Afghanistan.  Her documentary Burkas to Bullets  will debut this spring (as discussed in the 8 minute video link below). 

Alison will be speaking at various places over the next little while.  In case you have friends who might be interested, the attached pdf provides details of a presentation she will be doing in Whiterock on the evening of Feb 18th.  

Alison tells me that she is still on target for  the Orphan Computer Fund she told us about.  Sheila is still collecting donations in case the "hub-bub" of the holidays got in your way.

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