On January 17th, we were joined by three lawyers who provided us with a sobering peek into the complex humanitarian and war defence efforts in Ukraine.  
Jessica Lott Thompson is a former Director of the Yukon Human Rights Commission and Member of the Law Societies of British Columbia and Nunavut who works with other Canadian lawyers who volunteer to assist with human rights and legal work in Ukraine. 
Mariia Zivert and Nadiia Denysiuk are Ukrainian lawyers who have been volunteering their time and skills since the 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea. In February 2023, a year after the full-scale Russian invasion, Nadiia, together with Mariia and other legal colleagues, co-founded the Dead Lawyers Society charitable organization.
Nadiia leads the organization’s Defence Procurement projects and Mariia heads the Medical Outpost project that supports 12 hospitals near the front line and combat medic units working on evacuation of the wounded. You can donate to support their efforts at the link to the Foundation above.