At last Wednesday's meeting we had 14 Members. Our guests were William Chen and Ron Suzuki as a guest for the last time as he became the newest member of our club today!

Rotary Moment:
Alfredo told us about the latest cover in the "Rotarian" magazine, which features U2's guitarist "The Edge" and his father, who was a Rotarian for decades.
1) Hoop a Thon.  Gary Chomyn urged us to send our the emails, we are seriously behind in our fund raising goals.  Click to go to our page.
2) The Vancouver Olive Oil Company donated $50 to the hoopathon.
3) Don't forget to put our changeover dinner in your calendars, it will be on June 12th.
Guest Speakers -   Today we did not have a guest speaker.
Pic from the meeting:
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