Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise         

Newsletter April 23, 2014




We had 14 members today and three guests. Brandi England, who did the Rotary moment, as she went to Brazil as a Rotary Exchange student when she was 17.  Rotarian  Luis Yanguas from Madrid Spain originally and who has visited us previously . And Luisa our Exchange student.  


Rotary Moment


Brandi England told us a very emotional story on how Rotary has changed her life. She spent a whole year in Brazil when she was 17 as a Rotary Exchange student.  Brandi played a very important role when she was volunteering at the Emergency Social Services desk in the PREOC (emergency operations centre) in Kamloops during the fires of 2003.  One night,  Brandi received a phone call about 9pm from a lady crying who had three kids, two of them with severe asthma and their house was on fire. In the beginning, Brandi had no idea how to help her, but her first reaction was to call  the Rotary Club of Abbotsford-Matsqui and ask for help. The president of that Rotary Club went all over, and him and some other fellow Rotarians drove all the way to Kamloops and help to coordinate with the firefighters the rescue of the lady and her 3 kids.  They all were safe after the rescued. This could not have been possible without Brandi and her excellent reaction and response.


A friendly reminder to send out emails to your contacts  about Hoop-A-Thon asking to consider a donation to this great cause.


Business Meeting


We had our business meeting, where different topics where discussed. Some of the focus areas that were discussed were Membership, meeting management, Strathcona Youth Leadership Program, Interact, among others.


We will have two RYLA Students as speakers next week as they are having their RYLA Weekend this weekend. This includes Luisa, our Exchange student.


See you next week!