President Julie Mantle gonged 15 members and five Guests: Steven McGrandle; Jose Riga who will become a member next week; Valerie Saunier, Therapist in yoga, meditation, Crystals Healing; Milie Taing , second visit; and Bernardo Gonzalez Arau, a friend of Alfredo.

We are very happy that Jose will join our great, and fabulous club!


Rotary Moment:


John Haley put us to think with a Rotary quiz. Some of the questions were tough and some other questions were even tougher, but Cleo Perez was on-fire answering all the questions! Here are some of the questions that John challenged us with:

a)   How many provinces and territories are in Canada?

b)   Which 3 provinces account for 78 per cent of Rotary members in Canada?

c)    What is the most westerly club in Canada?

d)   Which province or territory has the highest per capita Rotary members in Canada?




On Saturday April 20th there will be the Showcase, at the Vancouver Convention Centre, to celebrate 100 years of Rotary Service in BC! This is an opportunity for all BC Rotary clubs and Rotary supporters to showcase their signature projects and the good work in their community and around the world.




Today was our first day of gathering pledges for this exciting project. Gary Chomyn sent an email that had an overview of the corporate sponsorships, please check your emails and if you haven’t received it, please let Gary know.


Guest Speaker:

Mathew introduced todays speaker, Cleopatra Perez, a member of our Rotary Club. Cleo gave her classification talk this morning and as always, we heard a very interesting and energetic presentation.


Cleo presented her talk “My Journey to Supply Chain Management”. Her educational background in engineering, specifically, mechanical engineering, but her passion has always been Project and Supply Chain management.


She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in the mist of a civil war.


Most of her professional experience was working for oil companies, such as PDVSA, British Petroleum. Cleo did a couple of business diplomas after graduating from engineering. When her she had her first baby, she decided to start her own business of electro mechanical construction and she did very well. That company is still running.


Cleo also explained what brought her from Venezuela to Canada. When Venezuela was in a civil war, she decided that she didn’t want her kids to live that. She wanted a better future for her kids and grand kids. She started her paperwork back in 2003 to come to Canada, and finally on December 8th of 2005 she became a landed immigrant, she feels very proud to be Venezuelan and Canadian. During the 2 years that she waited in Venezuela to become a landed immigrant, she studied a MBA. Cleo represented her school in an international business school contest. She won a prize during her MBA for developing a Social Entrepreneur business model, for helping ex-convicts to go back to the working force in Venezuela.


When she did her landing in Canada, landed in Montreal where she had to study French and also got another certificate in Logistics Management in McGill University. After completing her certificate, she went to work to Fork McMurray for 5 months, before deciding to come to Vancouver.


When she arrived to Vancouver, Cleo knew that networking was going to be key, so she went to different networking groups, that’s where she met Matthew and he told Cleo about our Rotary Club. Cleo mentioned that our Rotary Club was a great emotional support for her. She said that she found in us kind people. She always had a kind word from our group. This is what Rotary is all about. Helping each other, networking, having fun. Service Above Self.


Thought of the day:


“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker