A battered-and-bruised President Ann-Shirley Goodell opened today’s Rotary meeting with an unclear and doubtful story about her recent mishap. She blames it all on the Yaletown club, but one wonders. Don’t ask, I’ve decided. What happens in Yaletown stays in Yaletown.

On a warm summer day we had 18 members at the Coast Coal Harbour, plus frequent-guest Steve McGrandle and Major Michelle Cotton, a retired RCAF pilot from Trenton, Ontario. Mickey is a long-time friend and today was guest of Lori Pobuta. Mickey’s husband, a Lieutenant Colonel, is in the same Rotary club as Wilf Wilkinson, former RI President. Impressive.

Rotary moment

John Haley provided a quote from Ron Burton, the new RI President, who encourages us all to “Embrace Rotary, Change Lives.”


It has been decided that, starting August 1, our meetings will open with the singing of all 4 verses of our favourite Rotary hymn, “She was only a whisky-maker, but he loved her still.”

The next Board meeting will be on Tuesday, August 27. This is a change of dates, so please note.

The summer BBQ at Abigail Turner’s home is scheduled for Friday, August 23. Be sure to RSVP for planning purposes. This will be a rescheduled meeting, with no breakfast meeting on August 28.

A reception and information session for new and prospective members will be held in August. Those who received the invitation should send their availability dates so a common date can be scheduled.

Sunrise Rotary Day at the Racetrack, a popular social event, will be at Hastings Park on September 8. We are limited to 20 attending, so get your reservation to Julie Mantle. As soon as she returns from her extended shopping trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Most members have completed their police checks as required for the club’s participation in Youth Exchange. Some are just awaiting the responses, which should be given to Susan Neale as soon as they arrive. Bill Sheddy, Matthew Lynam and Milie Taing agreed to start theirs this week. That leaves only Jim Clarke and Adriana Lopez who still need to do this. Our student from Brazil arrives in 3 weeks.

All members and clubs are being asked to consider contributing to help people in Alberta after the devastating floods there.  Do we want to send a donation, either individually or as a club?

Business meeting

Ann-Shirley opened the business meeting by announcing that the club intends to strengthen the committee system this year, to ensure that everything we’d like to do gets done and done well. In each area of activity, a Director will provide leadership and members will volunteer to help on one or more projects/activities/committees.  The goal is 100 percent involvement, so volunteers should contact the appropriate Director and sign up. Or… well, you know what happens next.

Sheila Anderson spoke for the Service Projects area. Our Colombia Fiesta fundraiser next March will be chaired by Cleo Perez.  The 2014 Hoop-a-Thon to benefit the Strathcona community will be chaired again by Gary Chomyn. The Christmas party for West End Seniors this December will be chaired again by Matthew Lynam. Club fund-raisers (Valentine’s auction, hockey pool) are also part of the Service Projects area.

Lori Pobuta summarized our Membership goals as 3 new members this year and emphasis on retention. The new member reception mentioned above is part of this.

John Haley is Director of the Foundation area and explained that there are 2 foundations, our Sunrise Club Foundation and The Rotary Foundation of RI. The Sunrise Foundation funds the scholarships we award each June at graduation ceremonies for King George Secondary School. These go back 24 years and were endowed by the generous contributions of 4 members at that time. TRF of RI sponsors a host of service projects worldwide, with Polio Eradication being the largest and most visible. John asks that each member contribute annually to one or both of these foundations. In the case of TRF, contributions can be directed to either Annual Programs or Polio.

The Director for Youth Programs is Abigail Turner.  This year, our club will be very active with Youth Exchange, sending a student to Sweden next week and welcoming a student from Brazil next month. In addition, this area is responsible for selecting the scholarship winners and for other activities with King George students. Finally, our club plans to sponsor one or more teens to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), a long-weekend leadership training experience in April.

Club Administration is the final area and Larry Belsito is the Director. In his absence today, Carlos Obregon summarized the activities in this area: speakers and programs, communications (website, social media, bulletin, etc.), fellowship and social events, and assisting the Secretary with attendance. Ideas to be considered this year are a greeter program to be sure guests and visitors feel welcome at our meetings, celebration of birthdays and anniversaries, and encouraging members to visit other clubs.

Ann-Shirley summarized by urging everyone to “be involved” and to contact a Director for your preferred assignment(s). Otherwise…

The meeting closed with a quote from Paul Harris but I wasn’t quick enough to get it.

We’ll be in California with the grandkids next week and will see you on our return.